Storm Ashwood
Escape and Evasion
Psychological Drama / Action - Feature film - Finance ready
A Sinister eulogy from the war on terror.

Escape and Evasion shows us the casualties of war, and how eventually, we all must stand before the haunting consequence of our actions.

A Haunted veteran seeks redemption in the arms of a fallen comrades twin sister.

While investigating her brother, Josh’s death, Rebecca meets his army comrade Seth. She receives a detailed report on the terrible events in which Josh died in an ambush in Afghanistan and only Seth survives. Seth and Rebecca fall in love. Seth is a haunted Soldier and as Rebecca learns the truth behind her brother’s death, Seth’s torment harrows into his reality.

Written by Storm Ashwood and Leigh Nemeth
Dark Matter
Sci Fi - Feature Film -

The earth has changed and humanity finds itself at the brink of yet another world war, only this time, we are not at war with just humankind. Angels are among us, and they are changing....

Through their technology, we have developed the instruments to see dark matter and have discovered it's true essence... 

We have learnt how to 'reanimate' a body once it dies, but alas, this leaves an empty shell in it's place. 


To bring his wife back from the dead, a man -  Orpheus, PERCY, the main computer and a beautiful darkwinged Angel Syre, travels through space to find Orpheus's wifes' soul matter and return it to her body. Through his journey we learn of the complications that this new found technology has created not just on earth on on humanity, how it has warped our ethics and ultimately, how it will bring about our demise.  Deep in space, on the brink of human annihilation, Orpheus, A man drowning in a trillion ghosts, and an Angel blinded by the darkness, will both suffocate on humanity and discover something much deeper... And they will not be alone.

Writer - Storm Ashwood / Co-writer - Deb Morgan

A Search for Hope
Drama | Feature Film - Finance Ready
Lost in the stunning Australian outback, a widowed geologist, John and bereaved daughter, Hope rely on a mysterious Aboriginal park ranger, Willie to return to civilization. Surrounded by ghosts, John and Hope struggle with the loss of their wife/mother and Willie does his best to bring them together. Meanwhile an English geologist discovers an ancient power in the ancient land and drags his own family into the wilderness to possess this new power. In a horrifying showdown Willie reveals a supernatural secret while John and Hope must find the strength to save each other…

Written by Storm Ashwood
Once Upon A Time In Australia
Action - Australian Western Revenge - Feature Film
Set in the late 1800s Australia. Once Upon A Time In Australia, follows the right of passage for Marly, A mixed race child who watches her mother die at the hand of a cruel Land owner. Later, having spent 8 years growing up on a gold-field with an adopted old Chinese father, She soon finds herself alone once again and sets out to avenge both her mother and adopted fathers deaths. Her only solace are the memories she holds for them both.

Original concept by Storm Ashwood and Tina Summers

Written by Storm Ashwood and (we are currently looking for an indigenous co-writer)

psychological thriller - Feature Film - Script outlined
“Ignorance is Bliss” 

SALLY is a film about phobias and fears, about community and secrets. 

SALLY is a film about monsters that are too afraid to come out of the closet. Sally lives in a house at the end of the street in a small town on the edge of a mountain, bordering the edge of the city situated against the ocean on the edge of a country off the edge of the world. Sally is on edge. She is agoraphobic with a dark horrifying secret. So horrifying she has locked it away deep in her subconscious. She spends her life in her house, too afraid to leave. She paints, attends to her pot plants and dotes on her loyal, yet often confused old hound dog (Barney).

Most of the towns people seem to simply ignore Sally, like she doesn’t even exists. Like it is easier for them to pretend she isn’t even there at the end of the street. Some of the towns people know Sally’s secret. But who is willing to tell? A handsome man in his late 20’s from the general store delivers groceries to Sally or a 10yr old boy does the odd errand for her from time to time. But it’s her next-door neighbours who do not like her at all. An older couple in their 50’s who have a mentally disabled daughter who seems to hate her... Why?

Occasionally Sally receives visits by a counselor from the Mental Health Clinic in the city. This is a story about a series of those visits and the counselor’s attempt to help Sally remember her secrets and maybe cure her of her alienating disability. The story about a series of visits, that will lead to a terrifying truth about Sally. A monstrous act from the past that will continue to relive itself over and over again until the very lives of those who come to know Sally are in danger.
Sally is not what she seams...