Storm Ashwood
THE SCHOOL is a psychological thriller by award-winning Australian Director Storm Ashwood. The film is in post production and the teaser is coming soon.
Paper Planes
Short film - completed
Paper Planes short film by Storm Ashwood
Paper Planes follows the plight of a young African family struggling to escape the blood shed during a civil war. When the father is killed his son Alier is left caught in the cross fire between African militia and UN forces, all fighting for control over the desert land.
Filmed on location in South Australia. Shot featuring many of South Australia's African community many of whom had first-hand experience of war.
Director Storm Ashwood
Director of Photography Nick Matthews ACS
Producer David Ngo

Screenwriter Storm Ashwood
Principal Cast: Mark Constable, Hemedi Saidi, Shedrick K. Yarkpai

Watch the trailer here

note: DVD's of this film can be ordered via email here

Short Film - in post-production
Casualty short film by storm ashwood
What makes a man a monster? A soldier and father is bound by guilt, spending eternity haunted by his actions. Shot on a SONY F65 by Judd Overton, Production Design by Deb Morgan, Written and Directed by Storm Ashwood, CASUALTY will be entered into international film festivals in March 2015. See stills photos and full credits here </BR></BR>

Casualty will be screening at the Short FIlm Corner at the Cannes Film Festival 2015

The Wish
Short Film - Completed
the wish short film by storm ashwood
Even in your darkest hour, you can be given a second chance... 

The Wish is a short film that was not only nominated for Best Director and Best Script at the South Australian Screen Awards, but was also screened in festivals around the world including The Australian film festival, The LA Film Festival, and most prestigious The Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival in Paris. Watch The Wish here

Short Film- concept teaser for DARK MATTER - Postproduction
"The Brighter the light, the darker the shadows."

A Miserable, bitter Man and a fallen Angel contemplate their predicament. 

Set in Purgatory - a stony walled darkness lit by an old lamp and accompanied by a single Moth...